Our company boasts over 100 years of combined experience in the wood products industry, and it is a passion of ours to help our customers be successful.  In order to do this we have strived to know your business as well as you do, if not better.  Our combined experience gives us a unique insight into potential solutions for any situation in cabinetry or manufacturing that may arise for you.  It is our desire to help you grow to the greatest potential for which you were created by giving all the opportunities we can provide to get there through the medium of supply of excellent cabinet parts and products in the Cabinets Springdale AR area.


Business as a mission:

At our Teckton location Cabinets Springdale AR we see the pursuit of business as a particular calling much like someone who decides to pursue being a police officer, teacher, firefighter, or pastor, etc.  Because we see running a business as moving towards or following a vision for your life, we desire to build lifelong relationships with our customers that work and truly meet their needs.  Doing this involves listening to what drives your business in the Cabinets Springdale AR area and acting on the best ways to meet your particular needs for supply.  Removing roadblocks to your success in business involves Teckton helping you simply, streamline, and focus on your core activities that provide you the best return on your time.

How we simplify:  We aim to help you simplify your business by creating a one point contact with a person that knows you and your business, and is keenly aware of your orders, needs, and processes.  Keeping costs consistent in Cabinets Springdale AR and easy to understand is another way we strive to keep things simple and easy to plan

How we streamline: By having quality products and rapid delivery services in the Cabinets Springdale AR area, will help you better analyze your production pipeline to know how long things will take to get the job done.  This in turn helps you to manage customer expectations in order to not over promise  when you are able to get things done.

How we help you focus: By simplifying and streamlining your business in the Cabinets Springdale AR area with the right products and services, this should naturally allow you to have greater focus on the activities that help you to meet your customers needs better, with more efficiency and an overall improved experience.  We want to improve your life and business, by giving you the tools to focus more on the things that give you more growth.

Meet our team:


Clyde – Founder/Owner

Clyde has 40+ years of experience in the wood industry through all levels of the supply chain and sales to all markets.  Has expert knowledge of forest and land management, lumber sawing and kiln drying, all the way through to sales of finished products and business management.   He is a wealth of knowledge that gives great vision and insight for market needs and trends.  Built a strong foundation on the principles of success truly coming from making others successful, which permeates all through the Teckton culture and drives much of Teckton’s business practice today.  Memorable quote from Clyde – “Success comes by being able to bring success to your customer.”


Stan – Owner/ CEO

Stan started in the wood business over 20 years ago, and brings a wide breadth of experience to the team. He has been involved in harvesting tracks of timber and shipping logs all over the world, becoming a lumber grader at the National Hardwood Lumber Association grading school in Memphis Tennessee, sales of lumber and hardwood flooring and plywood.  Stan brings a solid set of skills envisioning and action around concrete processes and implementation of success for our customers. Memorable quote from Stan “We don’t want to take time to do something over again, so do it right the first time.”


Drew – Finance/ logistics and international supply chain/ customer service

Drew brings a steady and consistent hand to all that he executes.  Cool, calm, and steady at progress, with an excellent acumen for problem solving, and process.  Drew can take vision and put it into action with the right data layout.  He is a staple to all that is done in and around our supply chain operations all over the world.  Drew typically has the answer to most questions as to what to expect in product updates and schedules.  Memorable quote from Drew, “I love it when a good process comes together!”


Vicki – Accounting/ inventory management

An integral part of the operation with a watchful eye on all things in accounting, inventory and invoicing.  Vicki is able to keep all things humming along well, and also fix things if they veer off the correct course.  She always has her antenna on, and radar up for what is or could go wrong.  Vicki is thick skinned with a soft, kind heart.  A memorable quote from Vicki is “You mess that up, and you’ll feel my wrath”


Thomas – Logistics/Warehouse management/ customer service

Thomas has a keen eye for organization, and a creative instinct to make things functionally simplistic.  If Thomas says he’ll get it done, consider it finished.  Thomas is just as comfortable talking about philosophy as he is driving a forklift.  Memorable quotes from Thomas, “I came, I saw, I shipped it”


Mark – Cabinets Springdale AR Manager/ Supply Chain/ customer service

As an avid Baseball fan, Mark knows how to hit homeruns in business with twenty plus years experience in wood flooring, lumber, and woodworking.  He serves as a jack of all trades and knows how to get in and get a job done, or help out when needed.  He is a true team player and puts others before himself.  Memorable quotes from Mark, “if it doesn’t work for my customers, then it doesn’t work.”


Billy – Outside sales account manager/ Marketing

Billy has mostly one speed, and it contains high octane.  No job is too big, or a task too small to be done with fervor and vigor.  Even though he runs full speed most of the time, he is also quite sensitive to the needs of others, and always thoughtful.  A master on the grill  with all things BBQ, and takes great pride in being able to impress those around him with his culinary acumen. Memorable quote from Billy, “Yeah, I can do that”.


Carlos – Logistic and warehouse management

A steady and stable presence, with a tremendous amount of  willingness to do whatever it takes to make our customers happy.  He is a man of few words and big actions.  Memorable quotes from Carlos, “Sure”.