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Products offered in the Cabinets Springdale AR include:


Hardwood Lumber

Poplar – Common white wood, that is light, but highly stable, and great for painting and staining.  Most common around riverways in the Appalachian region all the way to and around the Mississippi

White Oak – A timeless decorative hardwood with open grain and great for staining or natural looks.  Prevalent in most all hardwood forests in the US from New York down to Cabinets Springdale AR to Georgia and westward to Texas.  White Oak is at the heart of many design functions and a great baseline that can pair with a wonderful variety of colors and styles that gives just the right feel and warmth to any space.

Red Oak – An american staple hardwood that has been used in an array of applications, from industrial truck beds, to house framing, to oak cabinets, red oak remains a top used wood species for all manner of craftsmanship.  Red oak comes in a rich open grain that grants a great versatility for design and color, while at the same time not sacrificing any integrity and durability.

Black Walnut – Beautiful contrasting white to dark, that yields a wonderful patina over time.  Also a timeless classic in hardwoods.  Grows in much of the midwest portions of the U.S. from Oklahoma to Michigan.

Alder – Relatively new in the decorative wood products space, but has beautiful staining properties in cabinets.  Brings a vibrant, rich look from a tight golden brown grain pattern.  Mostly grown in the Northwest parts of the United States.

Maple – A classic elegant white wood look that is also used in a variety of decorative projects, from countertops to gym flooring to cabinetry, maple has a timeless feel as well.

European Beech –  Harvest from mostly Germany, but also found in other parts of Europe, this wood has made big inroads into cabinetry and architectural design recently.  Has a rich brown color that is pleasing to the eye, and gaining in popularity.  European Beech also has excellent machining capabilities.

Rift & Quartered White Oak – It is hard to be a better combination of elegance and function in hardwoods than what rift and quartered sawn white oak brings.  Based on perfected sawing practice rift and quartered sawn White increases the dimensional stability, making it less susceptible to moisture changes, at the same time gives off a unique and stunning beauty with how the grain pattern falls on each piece of lumber.  The grain will have a longitudinal pattern rather than “cathedral” that is seen in flat sawn or plain sawn lumber.  Since trees grow from concentric circle layers called growth rings, vertical grain can be displayed on a plank by sawn in line with the grain rather than a perpendicular shear pattern.



Domestic – We offer a variety of Domestic hardwood plywood in various species and thickness.  We have all major domestic lumber species in high quality, USA produced plywood.  We proudly offer Timber Products plywood in red oak, white oak, maple, and others in all standard thicknesses from ¼” to ¾”

Import – We also import our own C-2 birch plywood from Vietnam, source other birch plywood that is imported from Indonesia, malaysia, and other parts of the world.  Teckton also sources high quality birch plywood from eastern European countries.


Other sheet goods

Melamine – Melamine is a type of laminated hardboard with different cores such as plywood MDF, HDF, or particle board for example.  It is laminated with durable paper with melamine resin.  The different durable papers can be highly scratch resistant and waterproof to create quite a robust rigid board for many types of applied scenarios.

MDF – Medium density fibreboard or MDF board is a rigid board made of composite products compressed with resin that are used to make wall panels, cabinets, furniture, flooring, and storage boxes due its machinability and strength.

HDF – High Density Fiberboard (HDF) is an engineered board produced from resin bonded wood fibers under high pressure and heat. HDF is not intended as a structural product for interior use in dry conditions. HDF, due to its very fine surface, is suitable for different coatings – veneering, laminating, painting and varnishing.  This makes HDF an excellent choice for architecture in many applications.


Teckon also stocks in our location in Cabinets Springdale AR high quality hardware in a complete line up of offerings in hinges and slides.  We confidently offer FGV hardware for its quality, durability, versatility and overall value.  FGV makes high quality products at their manufacturing facility in Italy and exports to the USA.

Our slides come in a variety of configurations to meet customer demands.

We can provide side mounted, undermounted, soft close for residential or non-soft close for more industrial use.  Teckton stocks slides in sizes from 12 all the way to 23” in length

FGV hinges compete with the best on the market without compromising your budget.  FGV’s unique but very functional design gives great assurance that Teckton can meet the needs you have in regard to hardware.

Screws – All the most common sizes and more to complete your job.  An array of #7 and #8 screws

Staples/ Fasteners – Teckton Cabinets Springdale AR has the ability to provide specialty staples and screws to keep you moving on our cabinetry build.

Glue – We offer and recommend Titebond glue for all your glue needs, a leader in the wood products adhesive part of the wood industry

Sandpaper – We’ve partnered with Norton abrasives to give the very best there is on the market to assure quality every time.  Norton is the leader in the abrasives business, and superior quality to match any job.

Teckton meticulously qualifies all our products to offer in the Cabinets Springdale AR area to make sure our customers received nothing but the very best value.  We combine that with excellent service with all our customers to make your overall Teckton experience just what is needed for greater peace of mind.  We think you will notice the Teckton difference for Cabinets Springdale AR when it comes to taking away the difficulty in gathering your supplies for each of your projects.